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Alza Cheek

Fred and Alza started an outreach program for children called CSI White County. This program was used to connect with children and their families in the community to help close the gap between Law Enforcement and the people it serves.

Fred and Alza Cheek support the Wounded Warrior Project, The Arkansas Sheriffs' Association and many more organizations. 

Alza Cheek started her Law Enforcement Career with 571st Military Police Company and served with them during the Cuba Refuge Crisis in Arkansas. Alza was Honorably Discharged in 1982.  

 Alza was trained at the University of Arkansas Little Rock Criminal Justice Institute for Rural Sexual Assault along with a variety of other investigative courses related to Crimes Against Women.



Fred Cheek served with 3/2 ACR during the Gulf War and the 10th Mountain Division during their Somalia Operations. Fred was honorably discharged in 1992 and started his Law Enforcement Career.  Fred worked his way through the ranks from a Dispatcher, Jailer, Judicial Officer, Patrol Officer, Detective, and Crime Scene Investigator to Commander of CID at the White County Sheriff's Department. 

Fred was trained at University of Arkansas Little Rock Criminal Justice Institute in Crime Scene Investigations and was certified by the International Association of Identification as a (CSI).

Fred Cheek

Alza and Fred Cheek

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