There are two basic types of surveillance. Mobile - This is where the target is moving from place to place and requires the investigators to move with them. Static - This is where the target is located in one area that can be observed without movement of the investigators. Our investigators have years of experience conducting Surveillance Operations.


We excel at finding witnesses or individuals who are difficult to locate. We use state of the art databases and other investigative techniques to find your target and report that information back to you. ​


Once your witness has been located, you need to know the information they have. We have highly trained individuals in interviewing techniques that will get the Who, What, When, Where and Why. In most cases we find additional information or build a rapport with the individuals which makes the legal settings run efficiently so that you can spend more time building your case for trial.


Our investigators are some of the most highly trained in the area. Being Certified Crime Scene Investigators by the International Association of Identifications our investigators can use this knowledge to review your case or we can process a scene to locate and collect missed physical evidence. We also have the ability and know how to reconstruct the crime scene or accident scene.  

Personal Injury

When your client is injured, you need answers. We have the ability and know how to help document the injuries through photography and interviews. We can show the process of the healing of injuries by photographing the different stages of the healing process showing the total area effected by the injury. We also locate and interview all of the possible witnesses who may have been present when you received your injury.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Have you suspected a client or parent of being a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect?Our investigators understand the complexity of these cases, from personal or social neglect to medical neglect we have a strong understanding of what is needed inside the courtroom to help you with your case. We know what information to ask for from witnesses or former employees of the different types of neglect that occur inside a nursing home.

Background Checks

If you are responsible for the hiring of your company, wouldn't you like to know who you are really hiring? We use up to date databases and other investigative techniques to make sure you know who you are hiring. 

C2C Investigations

We are raising the bar in private investigations
We are leading the way in Private Investigations. We have investigators who have been Certified Crime Scene Investigators by the International Association of Identification (IAI). Our investigators have been the Commanders of Criminal Investigation Divisions and/or Lead Investigators within Municipality or County Departments.  Our investigators have hundreds of training hours in the multidiscipline aspect of investigations.

Private Investigators  

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